Nox App Player 2.5 release note

Check out the new features and corrections of Nox App Player 2.5 (For new installation only, online update from 2.3 to 2.5 not available yet):

1. New Feature: backup and restore main Nox instance data

2. New Feature: on/off button for root mode

3. Fixed startup errors with some processor and operating systems

4. Increased compatibility, stability and account security

5. Perfectly compatible with Angry Birds 2, Dungeon Striker and more.

Meanwhile, we have upgrade our server. The offline installer download and installation is more speedy. Give it a try!


52 thoughts on “Nox App Player 2.5 release note

  1. This is the best app player that i have tried but, Could u explain how we can put computer photos on gallery?

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the update. I need a help with TuneIn Radio and MixRadio Music:
    Sound is laggy in those apps, I tried to use medium or high profile in nox but it didn’t help.

    1. Hi, Ardi. The sound issue has been recorded and forwareded to our engineers for further investigation. Thanks for reporting these to us. Stay tuned for the latest progress.

  3. Guys, please help every time dosnt matter i try install older or new file it tells corrupted! Cant fail every damn time downloading it! 🙁

  4. if i asked about support
    can be a facebook group to support people please ?
    thanks in advance

  5. thanks but when i put it on 720p the screen is hd
    when i put it on 1080p the image become bad at full screen when press f11
    when this will fix ?

    1. Hi, Waleed, it’s related to the game your play. Not every game support perfectly any resolution. You should try find the resolution that works the best with the particular game that you play.

      1. the game is clash of clan when i use andy and windroye on 1080p it is perfect hd and high bitrate
        but when i use nox i put it on 1080p make it full screen it become not hd and low bitrate others like 1280×720 work hd but not my screen resolution
        my laptop is asus g75vx-cv052h 17.3 ench and support 1080p
        iam sure it is a bug with nox and 1080p i hope you can fix that in next version
        also if you need more info or more discussion i can give fb yahoo gmail or any way you want please fix it thanks in advance

  6. Nox_setup_v2.5.0.0_full_en offline installer (257Mb)
    I receive a notice during installation “the file is corrupted, Please try a different installation path”.

  7. The best Android Emulator ever! Wayy better than Bluestack and Andy. Thumbs up to developer

  8. HI again i have tryed all things now but always telling the file is corrupted, try a different installation path! I have done that to on 5 different places but still cant install… 🙁 HELP

  9. 1. I have a compatibility issue with Facebook that keep crushing, but Facebook lite are running just fine.
    2. How can I play games that have to connected to Facebook like Criminal Case, Dragon City, Ninja Heroes, etc. on NOX APP Player.
    3. Sometimes when i open an app in NOX APP Player, the screen is blank(dark), but i only have to minimize NOX APP Player, than restored it and the app screen is visible, how to fix this..?
    Thanks a lot for NOX APP Player that Free and Working perfectly compared to other on the market.

  10. i was able to install nox player successfully.As im addicted to mmorpgs,i downloaded Avabel Online.
    i was able to install the game but on loading it crashes itself at 75% and starts loading again
    Please help me.
    Except this i didnt find any other faults

    1. Actually you can play it in the old version 2.3 with root removing apps. I have posted on how to do it on previous blog post (2.3 Changelog). But I haven’t tested the method on 2.5 since it will break the root and you won’t be able to root again after removing the root (it’s permanent).

  11. Would like to ask if you could add tun.ko module? 4.4.2 version of android doesnt have this module. However, ive tried installing using tun.ko installer from droidvpn but no luck. Maybe you have a tutorial on how can we install it manually? Or maybe you have a plan to update the android version that supports tun.ko.

  12. Installed Windows 10 and it’s working fine on it. To be honest works a lot better than old crappy Bluestacks. 😀

    One minor feature I would like to see in this: to have zoom with CTRL and + or – key combinations. I use this only to play Clash of Clans and sucks when have to zoom with CTRL and mouse scroll as sometimes it for some reason clicks on a building or something in game and doesn’t do the zoom out as should.

  13. I saw the “Mali OpenGL ES Emulator” which can run OpenGL ES 3.1 programs, so why don’t you implement OpenGL ES 3.1 support in Nox ? I’m a big fan of Nox & I hope to see Nox the first to support OpenGL ES 3.1

  14. Hi,i don’t know if this is a bug or not. But if I press a shortcut button (for example : ‘J’) while already pressing a movement button (for example : ‘D’ ), then the movement button will be released shortly by the emulator although the keyboard button is still pressed by me.

    Is there any fix for this problem?

    1. Hi, We tested it in Marvel Future Fight and there seems to be no conflicts as you described. could you please let us know in which game does this appear? And what’s the specific movement of the game character?

  15. This is awesome. The only problem is Mortal Kombat X, the emulator freezes on video intro. Other games works perfectly. Thanks a lot!

  16. Thanks for the 2.5 with the backup support, looks a good step in the right direction. Any plan to support multiple system backup and restore?

  17. Hello. Very much your program was pleasant, but there is a problem: in some games writes to google play market that your device isn’t supported. Prompt as to solve this problem.

  18. Hello .I liked your program, but there is a problem in the market play some games are not installed, writes that not supported your device. Help solve this problem.

  19. Constantly disconnected on the game “Crusaders Quest”. Made me lost a previous coliseum ticket 🙁

    It’s even hard to start the game.

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